Lead: Literacy Northwest

Partners: Essential Skills Ontario, Workforce Planning Boards, Regional Networks

Project Coordination: Kallio Consulting

Year: 2014-15

Funders: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, SDND fund

Increasing Employer Support for Hiring Apprentices and Supporting Apprentices’ Completion (2015) conducted six regional Apprenticeship Forums/ Consultations to engage employers in a fresh conversation about apprenticeship. It partnered with local Workforce Planning Boards, Literacy Networks and a wide range of community apprenticeship stakeholders.

The Project invited apprenticeship employers and other key stakeholders to regional consultations to reframe the “problems-with-apprenticeship” conversation as a “solutions-for-apprenticeship” conversation.

Discussions were informed by research and findings from previous apprenticeship forums.

Consultations targeted Northern Ontario communities as a priority.

The Project challenged employers and apprenticeship stakeholders to critically examine their concerns with apprenticeship. It asked them to generate practical strategies to overcome the concerns.

Consultation findings informed and extended the anecdotal and research findings about employers’ concerns with apprenticeship.

The Project established Local Apprenticeship Employer Committees (LAEC) to implement follow-up initiatives arising from the consultations.

For information about this project, please contact Literacy Northwest at admin@literacynorthwest.on.ca.

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