Lead: Literacy Network Northeast

Funders: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (SDND fund)

Year: 2008-2009

Literacy Network Northeast was leading the project Linking Literacy Service Plans to Language which was intended to enhance and increase the capacity of networks and other agencies to produce more inclusive Literacy Service Plans. The objective of the project was to produce the resource and supports in French that are used in the literacy planning process.  The Network developed a best practice model through consultations and focus groups, piloting the model and the resources being developed, and producing a final document to address the critical issue to full participation.

Although a wide range of literacy and basic skills documents exist, they are currently only produced in English.  In order for partnerships and community engagement to be most effective, the content and tools delivered must be specific to the emerging community needs. This means that Employment Ontario partners and literacy practitioners alike need to enhance their awareness of each other and to the needs of the region they live in.  It is upon this premise that LBS delivery agencies, regional network and partnered members across the region have expressed both the need and the desire to enhance their ability to offer a resolution specific to the needs of their learners, stakeholders and community.

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