Lead: Mid-North Network

Year: 2012

Funders: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, SDND fund

As many Literacy and Basic Skills managers consider retirement, the issue of succession planning becomes increasingly important. Being proactive by implementing a succession plan will allow even very small LBS agencies to continue to serve learners through a thoughtfully pre-considered staff replacement that has resulted due to retirement, transition, or unforeseen circumstances. A careful and considered plan of action ensures the least possible disruption to the replaced staff person’s responsibilities and therefore the organization’s effectiveness. A succession plan clearly sets out the factors to be taken into account and the process to be followed in relation to retaining a new staff person or replacing a current staff person.

The toolkit was initially prepared by Literacy Link South Central in 2009 and then revised in 2012. The French version of the toolkit was prepared in 2012 by the Mid North Network.

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