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The Mid North Network

Mission Statement

Through strong leadership and innovation, we provide quality support and knowledge for learning communities.

Vision Statement

Adults who prosper through life-long learning to attain literacy and essential skills to actively contribute to their communities.


  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Matthew Binks, Cambrian College, Instructor

  • Vice Chair: Ginette Comeau-Roy, Educational and Workplace Training, Program Manager

  • Treasurer: Claude Dubuc, Collège Boréal, Director

  • Director: Reginald Canard, Gezhtoojig Employment Services, Skills Development Officer

  • Director: Sonia Hotte, Collège Boréal, Chef – Programmes d’accès

  • Director: Bradie Granger, Cambrian College, Chair – General Studies

  • Director: Mara Waern, Canadian Hearing Society, Employment Services

Communities/ Agencies in The MNN's Region

Blind River:


Elliot Lake:



North Bay:

Parry Sound – West:

Parry Sound East:

Sault Ste. Marie:



As a member of Mid North Network you will:
  • receive regular information including newsletters and e-bulletins
  • receive reduced rates for literacy conferences and other special events
  • be eligible to be on network committees and other special project reference groups
  • be eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors
  • be connected to adult literacy and learning opportunities locally, provincially and nationally
  • have a vote at all general meetings of the network
  • have access to the network resources such as: materials, reports, videos and curriculum support
For further information about becoming a member of The Mid North Network please email mnndirector@vianet.ca
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